I Like Tall Speakers

I like small speakers…

…I Like tall speakers
I managed to catch the end of what has to go down as the best program I have seen all year on VH1 last night. The 100 worst videos, and where they bad, oh yes. the top five was:

1. Cliff Richard : Wired for Sound
2. Rene and Renata : Save you Love
3. Take That : Do what you want
4. Vanilla : No way, No Way
5. Chaz and Dave : Snooker Loopy

Wired for sound was a revelation to me, being the spring chicken that I am, I missed this the first time round. All I can say is that I am amazed that after that video people still thought it was cool to roller skate and listed to their Walkman, if I was Sony I would have sued him for the use of their product in such a poor video production.

the basic premiss of the video director appeared to be “lets shoot cliff roller skating in an office foyer between potted palms” 1981 was a wild year for pop history.

Loud Music Drowns out the world
To has definitely been a loud music day. some days loud music is the only way to keep the day out of your head. my favourite source of loud music is BBC radio 1. more mind numbing than the omnibus of sunset beach

Parsley! this is one thing to cheer us up on an otherwise dreadful day. the island of parsley has been re-invaded by the Spanish, how the Moroccans managed to lose an island only 200 meters of the coast is a mystery to us all. our honeymoon was on a Scottish island about this far from the mainland. I am just counting myself lucky it wasn’t invaded it’s only a matter of time before the Spanish will rule all the insignificant out crops of rock around the world.

and the award for statement of the day goes to the Moroccan Foreign Ministry:
“The Moroccan Kingdom demands, before anything else, the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Spanish armed forces”