A Tidy Mind…

requires a tidy desk
and I now have a tidy desk, I can’t speak for my mind though. do you ever have one of those mornings where you sit around looking for things to do (like tidying your desk) and then all of a sudden your finance server starts throwing wobblers ?. well I do, with disturbing regularity i have to say.

Ask Who ?

For complicated reasons i will go into another day. I just typed how long does it take to sail from England to India ? into ask jeeves and got as one of my replies.”Where can i find information on water sports in barnsley?”. isn’t the Internet great!. I am desperately awaiting a good question engine on google.
Island Watch 2002
it’s turning in to it’s own little mini saga this parsley island story. I feel for the little Moroccan farmers/ fishermen (who farms goats on an island ? and how do you get them there ?) who always thought the island was Moroccan. and are they going to have to get their passports out to get their goats back ?