holiday at home

I started my week long decorating holiday today. to discover that most of our street has too. the amount of drilling and works vans in our street is amazing.

I have been decorating all day honest (my wife reads this so I have to say that), but the one thing I did see to day was the launch of yet another digital TV channel on sky. Avago, this is the channel that might tempt my mother on to sky as it’s bingo TV!. It looks like one of the duller flash-in-the-pan channels, but it just amazes me what people will get backing for these days…

Part of all the commotion in our road today has been because we now have ally gates. For months we go harassed to fill in forms saying we wanted the gates.

The form was a standard Liverpool city council type form. following on from the wheelie bin form with, questions liked do you wish to recycle your waste or torture small animals. and the speed bump questionnaire, do you want speed bumps or do you want to torture small furry animals. so the ally gate one followed suit. With do you want ally gates or do you want to torture small furry animals while children watch?

The bit I objected to most was the harassment, we got the letter twice and threw it away twice (they wanted me to post it back with a stamp and everything. now I’m not apathetic, but well, you know I just couldn’t be bothered.), then they came round and asked me to fill it in on the step. I very nearly put “I DON’T WANT YOUR BLUMMIN ALLY GATES!!!” all over the form. but I was restrained, and very polite if you ask me. Anyway we have ally gates now. The’ re brown and metallic and have the net effect of locking me into my own ally (we never got round to picking up a key).

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