The Stock Market

There are many things in life I don’t understand. and the stock market is definitely one of them. principally the biggest thing that gets me is how the people in the funny stripy shirts can say a company is doomed, and even if that company still sells the same amount of stuff, and people still buy the stuff, the company becomes doomed.

I mean surely (he says in his naive way) if bob’s burgers sells 1 million burgers ever year then they make money!. If Nick, lets call our stockbroker Nick. If Nick says people wont eat burgers next year because they are old news. But he’s wrong and bob’s burgers still sell 1 million burgers then they still make the same amount of money? That’s how I think it should work but it seems that it doesn’t and in all likelihood shares in bob’s burgers will plummet because of what Nick thinks, The bank Nick works for will panic and withdraw the loans that Bob has taken out to expand his company, forcing bob to sell up to pay them back, and bob will go bust. making Nick look like he was right all along! This is a twisted way to run an economy if you ask me.