We went on the ferry to day, and it was cool. If you go to the back of the boat on the lower level not only do you get a cool view of the waterfront when the boat pulls off but you also get the engines drowning out Jerry Marsden, which is a huge improvement.

Halfway around the ferry stopped and someone got chucked over the side, (they where already dead and now fitted into a small tube), a couple of things struck me at this point, Obviously the ferry people let you do this, and it isn’t deemed as pollution, and also you get a surprising amount of ashes from a person, I obviously have watched to much TV where they have a little china urn. this was a huge thing with loads of ash in it.

Also, I wonder what makes people wanted to be ‘buried at sea’ I didn’t want to ask because I’m well brought up, but the family didn’t look particularly sea based. I suppose in Liverpool you only have a few themed choices, and from what I can remember the football teams are starting to frown on the ashes on the pitch thing.

It’s been an amazingly hot day in Liverpool today, I think today was ‘officially’ air conditioning day, that’s the one day of the year when in-car air conditioning is worth using over the standard wind the windows down system, that has worked so well since someone put a roof on their car.