The Clam before the Storm

1:27pm [ How to…. fly into space ]

OK so if you spend all day, surfing the Internet you do find some of the strangest and bizarre things. but this is one of the strangest things I have seen in a while. From the China Academy of launch technology. The user guide to the LM-3C that’s a space ship to you and me.

So when you are stuck in space with a leaky module you can just go to the web site and download the manual. Given that china is meant to be a nasty communist country, they are more forthcoming with this type of info than say NASA or the European Space Agency.

11:17am [ Clowns ]

Sometimes it can be quite therapeutic to have an irrational hatred, but some people take this too, far. Now I agree that clowns can be quite annoying, but a whole obsessive web site?. this maybe taking it a bit far. (slap a clown is quite funny though).
10:42am [ Waiting ]

Back to work today. the plumber did a good job and we now have significantly less lead in out water pipes that we did before which can only be a good thing on the whole.

As for work, well it’s quite. this is the day before clearing. so we are not doing anything stupid. like upgrading servers, changing configurations or generally breathing to loud. this mean I get to sit back hope nothing brakes and wallow in the fact that being tall makes me sexy, and that no matter what happens august is always the best month for silly news stories.

Vodafone sponsors streakers at rugby match