long time no blog

size does matter

Considering I haven’t had much to do in the last week, I’ve found it surprisingly difficult to find time to write anything. But I have reached that level again, and so now I can spout about all the trivial things of the week.

Today I discovered I’m a planet hogger, I took the BBC quiz which informed me that I required 3.7 hectares of land to keep me in the manner to which I am accustomed, which I thought wasn’t to bad, until I read that there is only 1.8 hectares per person available, oh well.

This led me onto my second work avoidance task of the day, just how big is a hectare? Well I found out it’s and area 100*100 meters, which is about two football pitches (which we all know are the base international standard unit), I think I will spend the rest of today knocking up a SI conversion tool, that will convert any area into the standard, football pitch, Wales, Texas units we all know and use.

So I’ve written my converter, and a fascinating thing it is too, did you know that you can fit 5937 football pitches into the same space as the isle of wight?, well you do now

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