Current Studies

6:30pm [ looking at things in depth ]

I have been looking around for a while now, at a way of filling my head with interesting things, at first i thought more study would be a good idea, nothing to heavy like a degree, the are a lot of work and besides they cost quite a bit too.

I was going to look more at A’ Levels. and I even found the Cambridge International Examination Site, where you can download syllabuses and past exam papers for loads of subjects.

I Looked at all sorts of subjects, some traditional ones looked good, like politics, Art and History, and even a couple of the more bizarre ones looked like they may benefit me as a person such as, Home Management, Fashion and Textiles and even Islamic studies. but unfortunately most of the latter subjects are only available at GCSE/O level. so I downloaded the 2004 History Syllabus

The History A’Level does look interesting, but while looking at it, I decided that there is a lot of interesting things i could learn about that have happened, and that would be cool. but also there are loads of things going on now that are both interesting and relevant. so i have decided to follow my own study course in Current Studies, basically this is the study of things that are happening now.

Now I do this quite a bit already. I do read around allot of news stories that appear on the Beeb. but now I am going to read more in depth about subjects. I think to start I will choose a news article that intrests me, and then i will set aside some serious time to investigate the subject in depth. and then I will right a short essay on the subject (yea more web site content). At the end of a period of time that i will decide, I will mark my essays and give my self a qualification in Current Studies.

I’m Off to read the news now.
6:41pm [ that didn’t take long ]

This week I will be mostly looking at the World Summit on Sustainable Development