It all catches up with you in the end

We went to hull this weekend to see Chris and Chris (one is Christopher the other Christine) our friends, it was Chris’ birthday he is 30 now. it was very nice, and we had a nice weekend travailing over on the Saturday and staying in a travel inn in Leeds.

the downer on it all is when we got back I had a message from Stuart in work (on a Saturday!) saying that the account activation thing I wrote wasn’t working, doh! well I just got off the phone with him and basically it’s all because i did a shoddy job of it. to be honest given that I hate my job I haven’t been putting 100% into it for over a year now, and it’s finally caught up with me. I really feel guilty now that Stuart is always the one who gets called in on weekends, and this one is because of how little i care about work. I will have to buy him some chocolate or wine or something. if only to ease my feeling of guilt. I’m quite sad now.