Making up riverly where it don’t exist

It’s been a long time, yes. but do you have any idea how poo Oracle software is. I have spent the best part of the last 2 months trying get some one to tease data from oracle so i can put it into much more accessable (for most of the western world anyway) SQL databases, And at the end of the day. It’s just a database so why has this taken so long?

Anyway, I’m de-stressing now I’m off work, and i am ment to be decorating. which is to be fair to me what i did yesterday. and quite well if i do say so myself, but like last time I may have overdone it slightly on the first day, I’m actualy OK today, and i could carry on. but I’m off out to lunch (i could all to easily get use to this life), so it’s not worth unpacking all the paints and getting the whole house messy now when I have to go out in just over an hour. Is it?

So as part of my de-stressing I some how stumbled onto the staff list of CSD which to those who arn’t in this loop and probibly don’t care is the computing services department of the other university down the road, and I started to compare web pages of staff. and realy they’re quite poor most of them. which is about the standard of the web pages of people in CIS (this is the computing and Information Services Department in my university). anyway apart from this one. which has inspired me to sort my webcam out. The options are simple search the internet find some web cam software and configure it to take more orginised piccies or write some code. Option B always wins especialy when I don’t have to talk to other people about which is the sensible option.