Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup

So yesterday I took my first step in achieve my culinary goal for the year, of making a full Chinese meal. I made chicken and sweetcorn soup and it was dead nice.

It was brown in colour and I was going for the clear variety but never the less it was well worth the effort. I looked on Google for some recipes and to be honest they where all a bit of a much ness. So I just cobbled together my own based on what I read and what was in the cupboard.

  • 4oz of left over chicken from Sundays roast
  • About 1 and a bit tablespoons of plain flour (I didn’t have corn flower)
  • 2 tablespoon-ish of Soy Sauce (I was a bit conservative because Ruth isn’t wild about soy sauce)
  • 900Ml of OXO Chicken Stock (4 Cubes) (Ruth Thinks if you replace this with Vegetable stock it will be clearer)
  • 10oz of frozen sweetcorn (I only had 6oz and it wasn’t enough)
  • 2 Eggs
  • Oil (obviously good olive oil is better than chip fat)
  • Salt and Pepper

Right then how did I cook this…

I ripped spare chicken meat of the roast chicken into little strips and put them into a bowl, then add to the bowl the soy sauce, and a little bit of oil, and some salt and pepper. And slosh it about a bit (they chicken will not be covered by some way)

Boil the kettle, and pour 900ml of hot water onto the OXO cubes and mix (this is how to make chicken stock)

Then in a pan I put my frozen sweetcorn and the flower, and I poured the chicken stock, and heated the mixture until it was simmering.

Once I had achieved this I dumped the contents of the bowl into the pan and mixed it all together.

Then I brought it to the boil and let it simmer for about 5mins

Then I cracked open the eggs into a jug and mixed. Once they where mixed I turned of the heat on the pan and poured the eggs into the pan while mixing the thing with a spoon.

Then I ate it , and it was dead nice. This made about 3-4 serving depending on how big your bowls are (3 big serving or 4 normal ones)