So… how much TV is a lot of TV? That (Ignoring the fact that my day at work was horrible again) is the question. I get the impression that people at work think I watch a lot of television, and I don’t think I do.

You see I have a mind like a bucket, not a sieve, but a bucket, I remember every little detail of everything I see / hear and I am a bit of an information junkie, I am more than comfortable in fact I prefer to read and listen to the radio, if I can. But I don’t watch lots of TV (and that’s because it’s a single input you see), so how much is lots. For example tonight: I watched the last 5 Minutes of Comic Relief Fame Academy. And 10 Minuets or Wrong Car right Car, and later I am going to watch project greenlight because my sister told me how good it is.

So tonight I will probably total 1 and a quarter hours of TV, is that lots, it’s at most 3 TV Shows and only 1 of them completely. I don’t think that’s much TV.