Today we lurched, quite significantly actually, the day started much like any Monday morning, you arrive at work and immediately wonder why, and more specifically what. When you are “between” projects remembering what you where doing the week before is often quite hard.

So I looked at some of this stuff we are getting from *company protected* who we have “outsourced” some work too, and they don’t understand scale! I have spent huge wadges of time (more than it would take for us to do the whole thing in house) explaining things waiting for the wrong solution, explaining it again. The real annoying thing about this is the insignificance of the project. The likelihood is that if it does go a bit wrong then we will just pull it. But I spent most of last week waiting on them.

To Linux or not to Linux, we as anybody who knows about these things have sold our soul to oracle, specifically for our student system. Now I will state my view here. I am not on the good ship OSS*. The big shift today, was the platform we are going to run it on, we appear to be considering shifting the underlying operating system and hardware to the solution before we have even gone live, however this is a risk it is not mine to take.

So after a management meeting today (I’m not a manager so I get this info second hand) It appeared that we were going with HP (actually Compaq kit) servers with Linux. This is from SUN Kit running Solaris. Now given that there is in fact very little *nix experience in the department this shift is quite worrying especially as the talk is also of the personnel system and finance system going the way of oracle too. So around lunch time we started to play out the scenarios, of how we would start to move from a Microsoft solution to a Linux one just as all the other universities realise that Microsoft is the way to go.

Then during the afternoon, several concerted efforts were made to confirm this Linux migration story, which by the end of the afternoon we where assured was untrue (how much we believe this is limited), and we are going to run Oracle on Windows 2000.

*Oracle Student System