Marge, (the cat I told you about) is in the house again; in fact she has become a semi-permanent feature over the last month or so. But now she has got a collar, it’s a very nice green one with some stone like things in it, and a tab thing with a mobile phone number on and her name which it says is tiger, but it can’t be tiger that’s a silly name she’s called Marge. I’ve told Ruth she is not to laugh at Marge for having a silly real name, she will only get sad

Anyway this collar has started to give me guilt now because she is somebody else’s cat. We don’t encourage her into the house she brakes through our magnetic cat flap, and our cats don’t fight with her, we can’t actively stop her either because we are out at work all day. So now I feel bad about cat napping a cat I can’t stop coming in the house.

Oh and she is as I speak knocking things over around the front room.