This week the outsourced project, I am struggling not to mention got even more complicated, no we have lists of people we don’t want to include in it. And we are trying to match people across three badly reconciled systems. And to top it all off the company phoned me on Monday to say, that the bit I considered a done deal might not work either!

Tuesday saw the resurrection of the launcher re-write meetings. The launcher (or software launcher to give it a title) has a long history of been the thing that gets us out of trouble, ever since the university was running Windows 3.11 we have been using the talents of the programmers to produce a little program to install and launch software on the fly. It has been re-written about 3 times now, the last time was as we moved to windows NT4.

I wasn’t working at JMU at that time (I was back at University for my final year) but due to the ensuing political and personal battles in the department I now am in the luck position of launcher maintainer. Now either through some sense of giving me something to do or to be fair someone thinks it needs doing. The proposal has been put forward to re-write the launcher for Windows XP. This project was given two months starting February. So in the tradition of CIS the first meeting was held in April.

My view point which I know has taken some people time to adjust to is ‘why do we need the launcher’. Unfortunately it’s this type of ‘radical’ thinking that gets you into all sorts of trouble in CIS. We will just have to see if it is the right choice or if I should have just re-written the launcher.

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