Gosh, this week just gets more and more frantic, the stupid project is nearly at an end (yippee), but today I was building laptops, pc’s for the operators and a pc for security, oh and trying to work out why our links to OSS had suddenly fallen over (OSS had been turned off, but I’m not on any important email lists so I didn’t know this).

At one point this morning I was fenced in by PC boxes, while I worked my way through it all… it’s entirely my own fault. I never polished the build of the 2000 pc’s enough to entrust the techs with it, because we stopped rolling our 2000, but now the underling client is still being used for all XP laptops and occasionally (and usually in batches) we have to do the odd new 2000 client.

The project that is remaining nameless, took another turn, I assumed that three weeks ago when I was asked to do my bit that I was joining the project late on, so of course I complained bitterly about decisions believing that they had been taken months before and could not be changed. It turns out that was all wrong, but it’s now to late to change things, today, I was asked to when I was producing X which is a huge thing to do, only two days before, I was assuming that the nameless project had sorted X out about 6 Months ago… I was wrong. It’s getting done tomorrow… but not by me… I got away from that one.