Another week has drifted slowly by the tower.

Today we release (I say we in the corporate sense) the new corporate style guidelines today, so I scurried of and changed the screensaver for the Windows 2000 clients and the laptops to carry the new logo, as apposed to the old. This and my inquisitive nature have lead to me having a meeting next week (I think) with Corporate Affairs to talk about what the options are for corporatizing the clients. This is going to be a real hot potato though because most of the people in any form of position on the client team don’t like the new corporate style, this will be fun.

I could potentially have a nice little cool project lined up from today. It turns out the ops would quite like to be able to send instant messages to large groups of users about the status of the network/servers, now while instant messaging is the obvious solution. You would of course need instant messaging services on your network to do that. So I am thinking of knocking up some simple NetBIOS based system (no server to fall over then you see) which could be used notify people, potentially quite interesting I think and it will make a change to get my hands dirty in some nice low level C programming after the stint I have been doing with C#