We won a quiz last night, I say we, Ruth and Me went to the PTA Quiz night at King David’s Last night, mainly because Tess said she felt guilty that no one was going to turn up and she didn’t want to go on her own.

So when we turned up there were loads of people, and we cam quite late so we joined a team of some sixth form students, and they where very clever! So we propped them up with the odd answer about old soap operas and silly sports, while they got all the proper questions.

The thing that it reminded me of is how sharp your mind is when you are doing A’levels. While I can’t remember if I was that quick I certainly have lost a bit of the edge over the years of university study and subsequent mire of my job. I didn’t have the hart to tell them that they where at their peak.

Still we won a terry’s chocolate orange! Each!