Work is bad. You can tell it’s bad when you spend all day cleaning your desk, especially when that’s what you did the day before!

The stupid project is all but a faint memory now, and with all the projects I am involved in, in the meeting stages there is very little measurable work for me to do, coupled with the reduced number of project leaders/managers on the floor this week. The office has shifted into holiday mode, with very little going on.

I got totally depressed today with the futility of my position; I am a programmer who by definition likes to program. Except I work for a man who likes toys and likes to buy toys even if they don’t work with the toys he’s already got. So the little amount of programming I do get to do. Usually revolves around fixing together one badly thought out purchase with another. It’s utterly depressing really. Still I rebuilt my main machine today, and now I feel all cleansed.