out of a lul

I’ve been in a bit of a blog black spot over the last few days.

The main reason is holidays, because despite appearances I do have a life. So I’ve been off doing stuff, I went to the palm house, in the park. It’s very nice. I’ve been a couple of times since they have done it up. But this was the first time just to have a look round. And it’s very nice. Hopefully I will get some pictures sorted soon.

I broke the phone! I got a bit worse for the old 1664 on Thursday, and after spying the super glue had the fantastic idea of fixing the little plastic top back on to the top of the aerial. The next morning the phone and the charging base where pretty much busted so now we have a fancy digital phone, well to be more precise we have three, and no extendable aerials.

Marge (the cat) started to pee all over our house last week so we have taken the drastic step of locking the cat flap so no cats can get in, and while Ruth is off she is letting the cats in when they make enough noise. Samson got a bit upset when he was stuck out all night on Sunday but he spent last night on our bed. Hopefully a week of no access may deter Marge from living in our house!