Do you ever get to the point when life just takes of and all this playing about with computers just gets left behind? No then you are a lost hope nerd. I think it is a sign of old age (I was 27 two weeks ago) and me growing out of nerdom, that I am playing with computers less and less, It doesn’t bode to well for the job though.

I could tell you what has happened over the last three weeks, but I’m having a bit of a blogging identity crisis, and i am not sure that this blog is just meant to be an electronic diary. you see I’m in one of those moods, today, I had my 1/2 yearly review with the boss, and basically i just asked why? why do we do things. i think the biggest question the I.T industry is going to have to answer in the next few years is, are we adding value ? because sooner or later, someone is going to look at it all, workout we are just making work for our selves and take the market by storm, the Japanese did it with electronics and cars. and at this point in time it looks like south Asia is going to do it with computers….rant over.