Blogger is still funny!, but I am working my way towards my own blogging tool, it’s going to be a very lightweight server thing that runs locally on the PC, and ftp’s directly to a standard web site, w.bloggar is cool, (it’s what I am using even though blogger has fallen over!), so I don’t want to write an entire interface for this thing. And most of the blogging systems available all assume that you have some form of scripting rights to a web server, and well I don’t (not for personal stuff, anyway) so I am aiming to produce a blogging tool, for people who just have basic webspace, and can only really upload to it.

progress so far:

  • I have the core lightweight web server working
  • I have the major part of the XML-RPC code working on top of this server
  • I am upto the point of implementing the blogger api so w.blogger can talk to me.

I am stuck here for now because the blogger.api page is off!!!, their service is starting to go all pete tong!