i got appraised today:

I don’t quite know whether I passed or not, because Kevin isn’t very good at positive feedback. I ranted for a bit about OSS, the topic everyone in the university enjoys ranting about, so we had a mutual hate session. Then we talked about how I haven’t done anything exciting this year (just like last year then).then we moved on to the exiting topic of Short & Long term Personal Development. basically I can go on project Management Courses (I think, like last year. That I am at a high enough technical level for what I do) but I will never get promoted into a position of project responsibility because everyone above me has it to cushy and there not leaving. On the bright side I could leave, because after all i’ve been there four years now, and after five I should be looking to move on.

It’s all in my appraisal honest!! and it makes me so so motivated. I think I will count how many pencils i’ve got tomorrow.