It’s the 5th of November so lets talk about fireworks

I’m not quite sure if it’s just some last minute politics or timing announcement about fireworks to bonfire night is the best way to get peoples attention. But the government is about to announce (or so I am told by Radio 4 who tell you what is going to happen in the morning and then what happened at 5pm) a curfew on fireworks, restrictions on selling them to kids (isn’t this already true), and a limit of 120db on the i’m not usually fascist, but just ban the sale fireworks to people without a licence, organized displays are safe. What isn’t safe is walking to and from the display in the war zone of kids throwing fireworks, and people who don’t know what their doing setting them off wrong.

I know the British fireworks industry will complain but, hey you brought this on yourself. You sell the fireworks to shops that you ‘know’ are going to sell them to kids, there is no self regulation of who fireworks are supplied to. So you failed.

“this is the police…. Step away from the soap box”