I remember this blog was ment to tell you about my job too, wasn’t it ? ah well ok then.

today, i actualy did some work (see that’s why i’m eager to talk about it). I’ve knocked up over the last day-and-a-half a distribution list management system for all the courses, and modules the university runs… cool. except, and with our place there is always an except (but sometime’s it’s expressed as a ‘but’ or ‘of course’) in order to actual make it live i have to wait on other people. Now I don’t want to have ago at the people i’m waiting on here. The fact is they are imensily overstreached because they have been dumped with almost all of the data control of OSS. but now my cool project that i ‘did in a day’ is on hold so no one will know how cool i am.

On another work note. The OSS which is still the bane of our lives. is having more problems today. apparently we did an software upgrade and now we’ve ran out of disk space. so two weeks after buing a super megatron six (the name we have affectionatly give this 14 proccessor beast) we need more hardware!. and there’s more…. but realy i’m scared to tell you just incase someone reads this page (yea right).