Today we went photo crazy we took over 120 photos, mainly of Sefton park, and the palm house. But a few of the Catholic cathedral too.

It all started yesterday, when I got up at half six and went for a wonder down around greenbank and Sefton park. It was a lovely morning with a nice mist laying just over the grass. What I did wrong and I admit it, it wasn’t thinking, I didn’t take Ruth (I thought she was still far away in the land of nod) and I didn’t leave a note, so consequentially Ruth followed the logical path of reasoned argument (hey I would have thought the same) and assumed I’d done one of those ‘gone out for a packet of fags…. Came back 15 years later’ things. I felt guilty, and very sorry.

So today. At 6:15 we went to the park !, and took loads of cool photos today wasn’t misty it was just very clear. At half six it’s actually still a bit to dark to take piccies, so most of them didn’t turn out great, but that’s OK because on the way to work. At half eight. We stopped and took a load again!, because the sun was up and the light was fantastic. I’m going to do a second photies page just from the shots we took today, and it didn’t stop there, we waited till it got dark…. And we went the park!, and took loads of piccies of the palm house all lit up. It does look fantastic at night.

then we rounded of the night with a quick drive into town and a few pictures of paddy’s wigwam all light up nice like.

so my photo of the day (at this moment in time because we have some fab pictures) is this one of the sun streaming through some trees in Sefton park.

and next time i’ll tell you all about photo mosaics !!! (gosh i’m turning into a photo nerd)