PhotoMosiac of the Palm House, Sefton ParkSo, anyway, nerdy photo mosaics.

Kev found the software – finding stuff is kind of his thing, he knows just the right words to type into Google, or MSDN, or whatever, to get the answer to the question in the second hit*. Plus, he reads fast, so it doesn’t take him so long to plough through the nonsense.

It’s called “PhotoTile”, and it builds those pictures. You know the ones, where the big picture is made up of the tiny pictures, using the overall colour themes to build shading.

We’ve quickly learned, of course, that you need the right sorts of colours in the little pictures, to get anything meaningful from the big ones. If you’re trying to build a photomosaic of the SuperLambBanana, for example, it helps you’ve been building up an archive of photos of yellow things. Otherwise, you end up with a very green-looking banana.

Anyway, this is a picture of the Palm House. We like the Palm House, and we take its picture quite a lot. It’s very photogenic. The picture of the Palm House is made up of a pretty-much random selection of other pictures. We spent several hours, the other night, being precious about which pictures you use to generate which pictures, and Kevin insists that you should use pictures of Liverpool to generate a picture of Liverpool. However, I did this one at work, where I don’t have nearly to many to choose from, so, if you zoom in closely enough to see, it’s a pretty eclectic mix.

We need to get out more though – we freely admit it.

* I actually have surprisingly strong feelings on this. Successful searching is one of the most under-rated talents of the information age. If I was a rich multi-national corporation, I would pay top whack for professional searchers, since I think it’s an innate talent, and if you don’t have it, you can’t learn.