I received strong evidence, today, of the possibility that I might have passed my Masters. It was a bit vague, but based on a two-sentence email from my course leader (“Congratulations on your MA! Instructions re final presentation will follow.”), and some detective work on the part of my friend Stuart, I am of the tentative belief that I not only passed, but scored a storming 60% on the dissertation. Sixty, though! There is a world of difference between sixty and fifty-nine. There shouldn’t be – there are only three grades of Master’s level degree, and one of those is fail. A mark of over seventy (I believe) achieves a Distinction, and the rest is just a Pass. Nevertheless, I know that 60 is a 2:1, and 59 is a 2:2, and that in some weird, postgraduate parallel universe, that matters.

To me, anyway.

I might publish my dissertation, so you can read how interesting it was, and how it made me a high-flying academic. Ruth A Jump, BA (Hons), MA.

Not today, though.