Today wasn’t to good for a monday, in fact it’s a bit of a prodigy day.

today, the OSS debacle continues (the rant post is still sitting on my laptop), today we had a meeting, or to be more precise I wasn’t in the meeting, to decide how the duplicate problem is going to be resolved. Given that oracle have said it’s our own fault (and to be honest it is) and that if we go into the database to fix it they won’t support us, oh and they won’t fix it for us, then we are a bit stuck.

anyway, I found a whole new set of duplicates today, not duplicate accounts, but duplicate enrollments, where a student is enrolled on the same modules over and over again, the first one I found was on 17 courses in oss, but really they should only be on 9, luckily all the stuff we have written to deal with modules, doesn’t accept duplicates because we thing you can only be on a course once, so we are just going to throw away all this information. This time, this one isn’t our problem, a piece of good news in an otherwise depressing day.