This evening was Children In Need, a great British institution, if ever there was one. Frankly, if I was running any of the other television stations tonight (and since the advent of satellite TV in this country, they are legion), I just wouldn’t bother. Not for tonight. Children In Need gives the British public the warm glow of self-satisfaction and moral smugness, and nothing can compete with that.

Of course, being championed by the inimitable Terry Wogan definitely helps. Along with Eurovision, it’s Terry at his gently-self-mocking best, and he somehow contrives to restore my faith in the comfortableness of the world.

Even George W Bush got in a photocall with Pudsey Bear, apparently – so he can’t be as bad a president as all that, can he?

Given how the world has appeared to be more than usually messed up, this week, I’m all in favour of a little bourgeios indulgence, coupled with the belief that by JUST WATCHING (to my shame, I didn’t actually send them any money – I dislike “pledges”, I know I’m too unreliable to go around making promises for what I’ll remember to do with my money tomorrow), I am somehow making life better for children across the UK.

I know, I know.