All In all, I’d have to say today, was a good day, I actually got quite a lot of coding done, which for a programmer is always good news, Work recently has been a battle against interruptions, but basically, i’ve put on a grumpy exterior, and got loads done, and made my self all that bit happier.

for the real nerdy among you, I’ve written an FTP server in .NET in little over a day and a half, and it’s cool. Basically, we have a requirement for a FTP Server that will connect different users to different places (their homeshares) when they connect. The thing we learnt this week. Is that you can’t write ISAPI filters for Microsoft FTP (part of IIS), so basically you have two choices, cannibalize an open source FTP server, or just knock one up. I chose option two for many reasons, principally I’m a programmer and believe that I can do it better than anyone else, also I’m a bit of a code starved programmer at the moment so I take any opportunity to knock together applications as they come along. Anyway, not only is it cool, it also opens up the way for many more .net internet servers. Such as mail, web…. Not that we need anything like that in work, but in my spare time, they could be interesting experiments.

The other good thing about today, has been the weather, from the tower we get quite a good view of the weather over liverpool bay, and today, it’s just been hanging there, nasty big black clouds out to sea while we had sunshine and rainbows (but no rain in the center of liverpool!), the rainbow was quite spectacular, which to be honest they usually are, but this one looked like it was coming out of the top of a church, which gave it an extra cool look.

along with the rainbow the sky has just been, well quite cool, it did that thing of going dead orange around sunset, were the sun shines on the bottom of the clouds above you, I got another cool picture, this isn’t so much the orange, as the big clouds, over the wigwam.