Another week over, but gosh what a run in…

I didn’t sleep very well on thursday morning, either and ended up going for another walk, I don’t think I was stressed out or anything, would just wake up and not be able to get back to sleep. For me 5am is the cut off point of not getting back to sleep (sometimes 4:45 or eave 4:30 if I can just tell i’m up), maybe it was all a preemptive stress out for friday. Which flirted with fight with the boss, went into thinking about leaving and ended up with going home and tring to pretend it all didn’t happen (doh!).

So I bet you want all the juicy details now don’t you ?

the big fight with head boss dude, wasn’t actually started by me, but I did agree with the points been made (although I may have made them in a slightly less confrontational way), the basic crux of the matter is the Orible Student System, we have been fighting with for the last 12 months, basically given that it shouldn’t be our problem (My work is much more directed at system development and support as apposed to student management and databases), we are getting mighty annoyed that we have basically wasted 12 months with no end in sight to the problems (although recent management speak talks of us ‘having turned a corner’). So today in an act of desperation to get our point across, we took our ball home, and they where not pleased, basically we said, “this isn’t getting us anywhere, until x and y are done after Christmas,we can’t carry on”, now the hoped effect of this is that someone will hold up their hands in horror and get the problems addressed once and for all….. That hasn’t happened yet.

Now, as you may or may not know, I want to start my own business soon, and to be honest I’m having difficultly motivating myself to do the boring ground work stuff, that I know must be done before I can get near any of the fun stuff. So I though about it this afternoon, with the whole nothing going to change, possible big fight meeting soon, we’re all doomed thing. I thought If I just handed in my resignation and gave the full three months notice, I would motivate me enough to start the business, and get out of the dead end job I’m currently stuck in. So the remainder of the day was spent on