It’s the end of the world as we know it….

please allow me a little endulgance … I’m the star of my own personal horror movie, 28 days without computer!,It’s going to be hard but i’m sure I will cope not been plugged in every hour of the day, My laptop is broken, it’s not majorly broken, I’m using it now. It’s just niggly broken. The CD drive won’t close. This is the point when you wish you had a desktop PC, 20 quit would fix the problem instantly, but as it stands, I have to UPS the laptop back to the manufacture, who said it will take upto 28 days to sort the problem out, luckily the laptop is only 351 days old. So it’s still under the 1 year guarantee.

the task for today, find enought room on Ruth’s computer for my life. And then negotiate some access rights to her computer….. I’m off now to be nice, and make a lovely sunday dinner….