The Internet appears to have come out in sympathy with me and the lack of laptop, well locally anyway, my laptop went today, via UPS who at least turned up when they said they would, but the internet lost it last night, and all access from our house was gone. blueyonder claim the problem arose at 9:40 and they fixed it by 10, but was broken at 3:00pm on Sunday, because I couldn’t get to Argos to see how big sofa beds are.

so what am I doing with my reduced computer time? Mainly I think I am driving Ruth a bit bonkers, but I am trying to embrace technoloss, and I have started to do practical things, today, I started to wallpaper the morning room, which has been in a state of decoration now for about three and a half years. At this rate the whole house will be done (or more likely I will get tired by Thursday, and start to watch more trash TV)