I’m not looking forward to tomorrow at all… And I think it’s putting me off going to bed!

tomorrow I start a training course at work, on WISE. This is an onsite training course with three other people from the systems group. Now I have to be honest here, these are not exactly the selection of people I would have chosen to be stuck in a small room with no perceivable air conditioning for a whole week, looking at Windows Installer, but I suppose it will be better than real work?

It’s not like I can blame anybody, this course have come around purely by my stubboness. It all started last April. with the resurrection of the launcher project, in April my line was, why, and we should go off and learn about new stuff before we all go gung ho and write new code.

Of course an motive on my behalf would take the line, yes I can write you stuff, but a) you don’t know what you want. And b) you wouldn’t understand it when I gave it to you. So the project stalled with the idea that we would get together at a later date, once we all new a bit more.

so October came, and we had the same meeting as before, except in the different room, and the outcome, we would go and learn a bit more! But (and I must admit to been slightly shocked this time) now we are on a course, we are being told how to WISE, we have shipped some woman (this is her title today, as I have not met her) from Chicago, to tell us how cool WISE is of course being a university, we are not exactly running on full steam here, and I’m not 100% convinced we have enough licenses of WISE to run this course.

and we won’t mention the fact that when we are trained we will not be using the package to it’s full potential because of political decisions made 3 years ago!!