I wonder just how much not sleeping I have to do before I am officially an Insomniac ?

yesterday, we started the great Christmas light hunt. It is my aim (albeit one of those, bright idea aims) to produce a coffee table book, depicting all the over-the-top Christmas lights on peoples houses. My working title is “Bad Christmas”. So because we are sad. Ruth and I spent an hour last night driving around the southern tip of Liverpool looking for and photographing peoples houses.

it’s quite a weird thing taking pictures of people’s houses. You are constantly worrying about a number of things. Firstly that the person in the house will come storming out and beat you to a pulp for taking the pictures, secondly that people in the street may see you and think your weird. So for at least the first 40 mins we would park the car, and gingerly walk up to a house, trying not to look suspicious, and then take photies when we where sure no one was looking. But then we saw this house

after this my outlook at least changed. I thought, so what if someone sees me, if it’s the persons house, I would just say “what do you expect ?” I mean people don’t put these lights onto their house and then expect no one to look, do they? And if it was someone in the street, well, what is werider ? Me taking photies of lights or the people who put them on their house?

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