So we fought with some sofas, the two purple ones were too small in the end, the living room is quite big, and we decided that they where just to small. I played the part of the hopeless optimist, while Ruth the realist. so now we have two small ish sofa’s in a pile under the stairs. In the end we have decided to keep them, we need a small sofa for the morning room, and the other one can go in the study, as a place to sit when someone else is nerding, and your not. Given that they cost ?150, we aren’t going to get any cheaper ones.

The Chaise lounge was a different matter. I think in hindsight and after one and a half hours of trying, It is actually bigger than the door way for the room, I mean it’s in the room now, it just took quite a bit of brute force, the removal of the feet, and the unhinging of the door. It is nice however, and it does at least fit into the room. The next step is to decorate the morning room, and then the new library (where the Chaise is).