Today is the day after the night before, and I would just like to state, as with every day after. I am never drinking again!

It was the Staff Christmas Do, last night, which went rather well, basically the secret to the success of this staff do, over others, is size. The university employs about 3000 people, and while some departments actually get on and have mini-dos the major do, is open to anybody, as a consequence the chances of being stuck on a table in a room with people who you don’t like is very slim.

Having said that, there are some peculiarities with this particular do. Firstly it’s the staff party for a university, so we hold it, in the student union bar, which actually is quite cool, because student unions are a far less threatening and comfortable option, when compared to proper pubs in a city the last Friday before Christmas. Then we have the buffet, which this year was very local, it was Scouse and a bread roll, not exactly finger food, but it was nice.

Just don’t get me started on the plastic glasses.