So that was Christmas. As always with Christmas, it took off from about 10:30 Christmas morning and didn’t land back at our house until about midnight boxing day.

Christmas day was cool, we went to my sisters, mainly so we could play with my four year old niece, but also because john had promised us a super Christmas dinner, and when arrived it was very nice. And I got a superlambanana which is so cool. Now we just have to finished of the library so I have somewhere to put it.

Boxing day, was spent with Ruth’s family firstly in Manchester, and then over to Crosby for the boxing day party with Santa!.

The only bad thing was getting shot at in Manchester, which was a bit unnerving. As we where getting in the car to go back to Liverpool, Ruth noticed a red light (like the one from those laser pens) on the car, I assumed is was a light pen so I got into the car, and said we should drive off, just then we saw the same light on the radio, and then we got shot at!!!, something, probably an air pellet hit the car!!. So we drove off, after about 300 meters I had to stop, basically to calm down before I got onto the M60. I was going to go the police station, but after sleeping on it, I’ve decided it’s more of an inconvenience to the police in Liverpool to tell them about some spotty teenager (see I’m stereotyping already) in Manchester with his new ‘toy’.