Video Experiment

So two day’s into my great video diary experiment, I broke the camera 🙁

it’s not broken totally, just annoyingly. I was trying to make it interesting and I was going to do a bit while I cooked, so I put the camera on a shelf to look down on me cooking, which appeared to be working fine, for about 5 Mins, and then it fell. 7ft onto the floor. The Camera still plays/records and does all that stuff, but the tape is making a slight rattling sound when you record, which is annoying because the microphone picks it up.

So the video diary is on hold while the camera either gets fixed or replaced, I have taken it to the shop and he said I will have a quote by Monday, given that the camera cost ?300 and could now be replaced for ?250, if it costs more than ?150 to repair I think we will just get a new camera.

it should be noted that I am still sad, and angry at my self.

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