2003 Zeitgeist

I’ve been looking at this for a while now, I really need to get a grip on the webstats for these web pages (need as in the sense, want to fill my life with more useless stuff), so here is the Jumps website zeitgeist, just like the google one but with more relevant facts.
Searches on http://www.thejumps.myby.co.uk in 2003

Hits Search String
14 reviewuate
14 Big Words…
7 To Use
9 Trash Trailers
8 Kevin Jump
4 superlambbanana
4 empowerment
3 Woodstock Mussoorie
3 canutian
2 medireview
2 prelapsian
2 100 worst videos
2 how big is a hectare

People Who I’m Not

Hits Search String
6 Stephen Broadbent
2 Kevin Devine
1 Pete and Dot Wildman

the bizzarest search of the year has to be “cats that pee in the house”

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