I am disproportionately upset today.

The repair estimate came back for the camera at ?95+vat (?111.62) which I consider to be a lot for a camera that is almost working. And yet not quite enough to go out and buy a replacement, (Ruth and I had set a figure of ?150 as the cut off point of repair / replace)

Anyway, I am upset because it was me being stupid that has cost us ?110 (unless the price goes up and then I might cry). And to add to my depression it could take two weeks to fix, if they can do it on site. So it probably won’t make it to the weekend away. And I will basically have scuppered the video diary thing before it even started, and that makes me really upset. Because now we are just fixing it to have it sit in the cupboard again.

Work wasn’t to bad this morning, although I am now right angry and taking it out on stupid people!!