So, day two is plodding along in work, and i have to admit. I don’t hate it as much as I expected…. yet. I currently at the end of a project, I’ve written and am just about to release a FTP Server, I wrote for work. It’s nothing to grand, it just does a job, and it took about a week to develop.

This part of the project can sometimes be frustrating, because you start to introduce dependencies on other people. We have to turn one system off, move addresses to the new one, and turn it on. In this we will have a miniscule amount of downtime, but someone will notice so we have to plan and announce all that. for a project this small, it usually means a wait of about a day, although last year (which was bad) a project got to this stage, and was never deployed, In stead a new version of the software we where integrating with came out, and a new program was developed.