Evil Chinese Checkers

I’ve invented a new game! Well I say new, it’s based on a game that has been around for loads and loads of years, Chinese checkers.

basic Chinese checkers is quite simple* where you have to move you pieces from one side of the board to the other. Like below

taking the basic rules of Chinese checkers, evil checkers had the following differences.

  1. The Board: this should be layed out something like below.
  2. the Aim: is to get all the marbles of the same incolour into the wedge that is opposite the wedge that contains 3 of that colour! (so in the piccie, the bottom wedge is where all the yellows should go, and the top wedge is where all the orange belong.
  3. Movement:
    • you can move any colour pieces that are not in use by another player of the game, I.E. if you are playing red and blue, the red player can move all other colours (including Red) but non of the blue bits.
    • you cannot move the same piece as a player before you has moved on their turn (each piece can only be moved once per round)
    • you cannot move a piece into an opposing players target wedge (n.b you can move a piece through a wedge, as long as at the end of the move it isn’t in the wedge)

this game is just a mind bender, and I’ve only played it with two players, it is cool, it gives you a whole new fresh take on the game, and you have to think round corners and the best way you can move other pieces to get yours home without helping the other person. It’s Evil.

(* Simple compared to the rules of Evil Checkers)

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