Is Honesty the best policy ?

So my new policy of full honesty in work caused so stirrings today. I must stress at this point that I wasn’t dishonest before, it’s just given the stupid political games that go on in work, sometimes it’s very difficult not to start playing them your self, well this year, to save me from tears… I’m not getting involved in the kindergarden

Son back to my story, in my aim to be non-political-gamey when someone asks a question about work they are going to get the honest answer, and that happened today, Elaine a work emailed me to ask if I could fix something, and replied with the honest answer. Now the crux words in this email turned out to be

To be perfectly honest, the CompReg system is the worst thing I’ve ever written while working here, it was knocked together over the course of a few days and is held together will string, I am amazed on a weekly basis that it still functions and doesn’t fall apart more often.

Quite an honest reply I felt, and Elaine obviously felt it, so she showed it to Ann, a project leader in systems. Who being a political game player, didn’t confront me with the email but rather used it in a Management meeting to get her way (the “way” people always want at this point is manpower under their control), so now I have to rewrite it, which to be honest I’m not upset about because, it is the worst thing I’ve ever written while working at JMU, but then again I was never asked to write it. And also, I want more programming and less fannying about fixing other peoples problems so this also helps in that. I can now get my teeth stuck into the project and do it properly.

The only problems are foreseeable in this, and I am not going to play games here so they are going to happen. Ann will deem that this is fixed now, because the software is critical, I think it will take three months (and I know Kevin will half that). But if it is to take three months it is the only thing I will be doing, and here is the crux of the problem. The department is incapable of handling projects like that, and I will have at least another 5 things on the go at any one time. Well someone needs to prioritise the work, because it isn’t going to work like that, and it isn’t my job to juggle all the projects, and do them all badly.

On a side note I have noted that if I wanted to play political games, telling people who don’t directly work / like me that I think I’ve done something badly, will almost certainly give me the opportunity to redevelop that project.

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