Back at work then ?

You can tell I’m back at work, its 5:46 and I’ve been messing about with web pages for well over an hour.

Again I know it’s probably stress related, but I don’t feel stressed. The last week or so at work, I have to admit to sitting at my desk in a bit of a daze. I’ve done work, just not lots of it (but probably enough, to count). And I’ve spent quite a lot of time obsessing over our new homepages.

With the news the last week or so has been very hectic and then with lots of visiting, and then lots of people visiting us. Ruth is following the documented early stages of pregnancy well, Very Tired all the time, hungry quite a lot, and ratty. I don’t mind if tired and hungry remain for the nine months. But hopefully ratty, will ease of, just a bit.

We went to see the midwife for the first time this week, and to be honest, it was a bit of a disappointment. She just took Ruth’s Blood pressure, and told her she could eat mayonnaise from the supermarket, and not to darken her door until 26 weeks. And on top of all that, she didn’t hate me nearly as much as I had been lead to believe she would (I’ve been told midwifes hate men).

The next thing on the horizon, besides not telling anyone else, is the first scan, which should happen around week 10/11 (For reference we are around week 7 now).