Still an eBay Virgin

Despite my better efforts, I am still an eBay virgin, It’s not like I haven’t tried, on a number of occasions, to brake this duck. The first time, I was trying to get a cheep PC to use as a firewall or something, I can’t quite remember.

Anyway, my latest failure to buy was yesterday. After I broke the camcorder, I took it to get an estimate of the repair bill. Basically I wanted to see if it was cheaper to get it fixed or buy a new one. Given the Amazon price for the camcorder is now ?254.98 we set our selves a price limit on the repair of ?150 based on the fact that if it cost anymore we might as well buy a new one and have two, One with decent sound and one without. So we got the first estimate which was ?95, and we set the little man the task of fixing the camcorder.

Two weeks later when I phoned to get an update, it turned out that the slightly annoying noise was going to cost ?175 to fix! (All these prices are excluding VAT too!), so I got the camcorder back, and now I am on the hunt to replace, it.

Of course, I could replace it with the exact same camera from Amazon, but I thought I would have a look, at what has changed in the camcorder Market in the last 12 Months.

The main bugbear I have with our current camera is the built-in microphone. Fantastic and convenient as it is, it doesn’t pickup speech all to well in a noisy environment, and if we had a external mic, the chances are the little click wouldn’t have been a problem.

After much searching of the interweb, I found I could buy a new Camcorder with External Mic for ?301, a little over our budget; this is where eBay comes in.

So this week I bid on a Samsung VP20 digital camcorder, and all looked well, I bid ?201 (don’t ask me why, I just thought the 1 would help), and all seemed well, for the whole week I was top bidder, and on Saturday, I was second bidder (there where two camcorders in the auction) and at 17:59 on Sunday with less than a minute to go I was still second bidder, then with 16 Seconds to go, someone outbid me! With ?206, now given that Ruth had said I could bid upto ?250 this is quite annoying, now I know I should have just put ?250 in and left it at that, but initially we where saying ?200 so I put that in and when we said ?250 I just never got around to changing the bid, after all, I was winning for 98% of the week!.

Oh well, in an effort to get a camcorder, I am now bidding on a JVC GR-DV1800E, which is a far superior camera, which to be honest should be way out of our price range, but currently is sitting at ?139 but without meeting the reserve (my bid is ?250) so unless something very strange happens I’m not getting that one either

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