Work is so nice and peacefull today :)

I haven’t blogged about work in a while so; I thought I would just do an update.

Today has been a good cross section of why it’s such a depressing place to work;

We have brought new toys and we are rapidly breaking everything in an effort to use them:

Somehow over the last few months we got a budget to buy an EVA system. An EVA is basically a big cabinet of disks that you plug all your servers into and manage the disks as and when you need the space. Except the cabinet and the cards you have to plug into your computers don’t come cheap. Now it’s not that I don’t think we should be moving forward, but we should at least test. The implementation of this system has gone, spend a week plugging the kit together. Then that weekend move critical systems onto it.

Guess what, it didn’t quite work, and we are so knowledgeable of this new system that this afternoon, we had one member of the department phoning the consultant who installed the software, on his mobile on the motorway, for the password! Of our own system!

And I won’t go into how because of personal dislike some people have been sidelined, while others given a task probably beyond their current level of knowledge on the system (thankfully I am well away from this project and don’t fall into either of theses categories)

Then we have empire protection

Another area we are currently looking into is on campus coffee shop/internet cafe/wireless hotspots. All quite cool, if you’re a student who likes coffee (I think hotspots in the bars would be a huge hit) but this is threatening an empire. The particular in question empire is the Client empire, of which people have been quite protective, since a blue sky discussion in a systems group meeting, suggested the student public access client had a limited (6-10year?) lifespan, before laptops would rule.

Anyway, today we had a sales rep showing off thin clients, basically small boxes that can surf the web, the idea being you install these into said coffee shop. And that’s all you do. Except this is another area where the client loses out then, and ooohhhhh we can’t lose the client. Now without going into the rights and wrongs of these two approaches, the discussions going on in the office are so transparent. Basically we want a mono client structure because then one person has control, and control as we all know is power.