Meetings on Mondays are a bad idea…

I’ve just escaped from another “meeting from hell”, if nothing it just gives me more motivation to start my own business. This meeting was only meant to be a pre-meeting about another meeting with security, and how we deal with security cards.

Being JMU, it quickly degraded into a slanging match of why nothing ever works, and people just ignore what we say. I tried my best to keep out of this, because I know I currently don’t think very highly of the management in Security. After some of the blame meetings I was roped into at the beginning of term, where it was attempted to dump all the problems on my code, I’ve been very wary of the meeting with security. Invariably they always come armed with a load of things they claim are not working. But they have never told us about (How exactly am I meant to answer a question along the lines “well last November this persons record wasn’t there at 11:43”?).

Anyway, I am just a bit wary. So this pre-meeting was room for other people to go on and on about it. The noise levels where such that the entire sixth floor is now desperate to know what it was all about.