Early to rise, early to home

I’m experimenting today; Ruth is off work because her mum is visiting. So I’ve come into work early in the hope of leaving early too. The theory goes, I get a lot more work done when the office is quiet, so I can either work late, or come in very early, given quite a lot of people do the arrive late/work late thing, I’m going the opposite way.

So I arrived 7:40 this morning (10 minute journey to work), and yes I’ve got a bit done. But it turns out; it was arrive early Wednesday today, so Stuart and Chris both arrived before 9.

Anyway, it was going so well work wise but I got a bit distracted. You see the great thing about blogs. Is they open up a whole new world of information, and can offer insights into recent history. A good example is Erik Sink’s web log, with his take on the browser wars when he worked for spyglass. Anyway this and other random thoughts I can no longer trace, got me thinking. What ever happened to the Microsoft games developers?

The Microsoft games (solitaire, FreeCell and minesweeper) are probably the most used applications in the world. So who wrote them why, and what are they doing now? Well the initial search churned up the following.

Solitaire was written by Wes Cherry
homepage : http://scumby.com/~wes/
Interview : http://www.b3ta.com/interview/solitaire/
Minesweeper was written by Robert Donner
short Snipped : http://metanoodle.com/minesweeper/donner.html
and Curt Johnson (cannot find him, or quotes from him)
Freecell was orgianly written for the PLATO system by Paul Alfille
Interview : http://www.freecell.com/f/c/alfille.html
but the windows version is by Jim Horne

Quite disappointing really, these guys need to stop living and get a blog! I want more.